Diary Music Video Shows Info


2011 November 23

I guess you all know the story taken from the greek mythology, david against goliath. A story that is sill a relevant topic these days, either that businessmen drink our blood, or big companies swallowing it all.
So, Greenpeace took this opportunity to lookout for some more davids out there in order to win the battle against goliath. Therefor Greenpeace launched a new TV-Spot. Directed by Martin Luchsinger and behind the camera Daryl Hefti from Yeahh Productions. They've been working together with the production by Who's Mcqueen Zurich. We're very happy to participate in such a great project and team with our music.
So again, we made a soundtrack. It's sixty or thirty seconds long and full of longing, demanding and a uplifting breeze of a children's choir which was great fun to work with. Enjoy the spot, and get yourself in to the spirit of David. The fight isn't over yet.